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Find your business floating aimlessly in social & streaming media space?

MY Agency uses thoughtful Social Media & Streaming Advertising strategies with targeted audiences, using consistent branding, and proper keywords and hashtags to present your content in a meaningful cohesive message. This will bring direction to your Social Media Marketing campaigns that help drive your business brand into the stratosphere.

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  • Consistently stay in front of your customers
  • Schedules based on successful interactions.
  • AFFORDABLE & Measurable Results
  • Agency monitoring & auto engaging of messages.
  • Branding with Cross Platform Consistency
  • Access to MILLIONS of relatable photos for posts.
  • Social Selling engagement available.
  • MY Agency Custom Logo Stings & Videos


    Adapting to Endure Defining Moments in your Business

    Identifying defining moments your business will give you the opportunity to grow your business while others may fail.

    In 2023, successful businesses will take the time and effort to carefully assess their opportunities, use a scalpel rather than a cleaver, and think about the long-term impact of their short-term actions. Those who do will cement their worth once and for all.   With M-Y Agency you will be able to gain control of your social media marketing with precise data driven decisions.

    Streaming Television Advertising (TV) may be the (relatively) new kid on the digital advertising block but it is already making its presence felt with an increasing number of brands adopting the medium into their advertising efforts. 

    Offering advertisers the precise targeting and measurement abilities of a digital channel has made Streaming TV an appealing and effective way of engaging a new generation of TV-audiences. 

    We are now seeing the rise of the “cord-cutter” generation, with swathes of people replacing their traditional TV subscriptions in favor of online, streaming alternatives. This is especially the case amongst young people with 74% of 18-34-year-olds in the U.S having either never had cable, already cut the cord, or plan to cut the cord in the future. Some have labeled this the death of television, however, this is might be an exaggeration and we should see the advent of streaming as a natural evolution in television’s history.  Streaming Television Advertising can be one of the best advertising spends for local retailers since the advent of radio.

    Gain Ground on your competition.

    Don't know what OTT, CTV, AVOD, or SVOD? MY Agency is fully versed in the jargon that would most benefit your business in the changes to Social Media and Streaming media services. Social & Streaming Advertising Simplified with MY Agency.